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There's Nothing Better than a Fancy Border (Wall)

Imagine visiting the Louvre, with canvases tacked gracelessly on the wall. Nope! It doesn't happen. The Mona Lisa attracts millions of viewers each year. Its frame is the finishing touch of the masterpiece, a border, if you will. The frame is the line of demarcation between the masterpiece and its interaction with the museum wall.

Imagine the opening scenes of The Wizard of Oz. The black and white portrayal of life in Kansas frames the explosion of color when Dorothy enters Oz. Without that framework, the movie would have lost its magical touch. The framework is the demarcation between two lands.

I think of national borders as the frames of our great nation. Some are lovely oceans with sandy beaches or rocky promontories. Our northern border is graced with harmony and well-regulated traffic. Our southern patchwork of borders are not so lovely, but each complements the story of our relationship with Mexico. Not often pretty. Not often well regulated. Necessary nonetheless. A primary function of government is defense of our borders. An invasion by Axis forces on California's Pacific coastline was anticipated during World War II, and the federal government took action to protect its citizens.

The influx of illegal aliens along our southern border requires the same scrutiny. Our citizens require that same protection afforded Pelosi's home state during World War II. The fact that such a basic assumption of governmental responsibility is now called "immoral" by Pelosi, causes the consternation of rational citizens. Assuming she has a knowledge of history and these basic lessons in civics, there must be another reason for wanting to allow illegal aliens to flood our country. Transparency demands that she submit that reason: Does she want to curry their votes with freebies? Does she want to open her home to house refugees? Does she want to donate a portion of her portfolio for their care? Does she want to remove her fences and allow these visitors the run of her mansion? If not, her disingenuous remarks are beneath the dignity of Congressional dialogue.

I, for one, respect honesty. I like transparency. I respect differing viewpoints when they originate from a transparent position. I do not respect manipulation to achieve a subversive end. Our borders must be defended, pure and simple. They are the framework of our great nation. God bless the USA.

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