The Weird Little Bad Apple of The Churches

By Janelle Rae Moore

Many shocking crimes are committed through Religion. Whether it states only Good things. Weird things are happening in Churches. As we trust them, with everything we've got. Claims that keeping a secret is the word of God. But is it. Do we really know what is the truth or are they making it up?

It was known about the Evil One. Satan. But isn't all the evil that cause harm in the world the Devil? That something happens to our kids at the church, that is not supposed to happen, but does. And is not intended, and is pure evil. Or worse.

What happened to many kids, and babies in churches was rape/molestation. And instead of the churches helping the kids with this hideous crime, they covered it up, and protected the perpetrators. This has been going on since the early ages of the 1900's. Even heard adult kids trying to send letters to the Vatican so they can help them, because they were either in some form of rape, or molestation, and the Vatican did not even want to take their letters of help that they wanted to tell about the Church to do something to stop it!

Is it ever crossed your mind, if a pregnant woman who could not afford her child, and gave to the Church she trusted with all her heart turns out to be a nightmare. That the Church would actually sex traffic her child! Why are we not investigating the Churches? Why are the police, and other major Authorities not trying do help? Or do anything about this crime??

The truth is Rape/Molestation violence is worse than Murder! It is some one who does something that hurts like hell. And murders a kid for the rest of their life. By forms of the Devil, all the evil in the world. It does not just last 2 minutes or hours, it murders for a lifetime of constant sick feels of trauma, and pain. The were no Fathers they were the Devil in disguise! All the evil in the world hit one kid, for the rest of his/her life, and now they are dead! Murders!

Things get weirder when it comes to Churches, and the past. Did you know that a President took pieces of the Bible out, and replaced it with his own words. Not just that. But Churches Helped Nazis escape so they would not get caught by the American Soldiers during the War. It tells us really? Wow, we wanted to trust you!

Believe in God, yourself! Talk to him in the open air, he might not speak back, but he is sure listening. Grow through knowledge, and kindness. The whole Bible is not Fake! But some ends, and kinks, have done a few things to it over the years of sicknesses.

God wants you to speak out about what crime happened to you, especially in the Churches!! Do not be afraid, these are sick Devils who do these things, not priests!

If you are a victim, Boy/Girl, Man/Woman, Mother/Father, speak out! Go to

or call 800-656-HOPE

National Sexual Assault Hotline,

that is Free, Confidential 24/7 day in day night.

And I pray for YOU!

The Real Fathers!


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