The verdict for the murder of George Floyd is a good job, but not enough.

A former police officer has been charged with the murder of George Floyd. According to the doctor's earlier findings, Floyd did not die from drugs, but from lack of oxygen. As the President himself stated regarding the verdict against the former police officer, this "can be a huge step forward", because it is important for a country where there is ingrained "systemic racism", but he added that it is "not enough".

Totally correct!

"We can't stop here," Biden told a news conference at the White House hours after the verdict was handed down.

George Floyd's last words - "I can't breathe" - must not, as Biden put it, "die with him."

And this is completely true, just not to stick to nice and promising words. No matter how many verdicts are handed down, the fight is more complete and is not measured only by the number of verdicts, although that is also important.

These words of the President, we hope, are not only the duty of some of his advisers who had the task of writing a convincing speech after the verdict, and Joe just read it.

As Kamala Harris stated, also on the occasion of this verdict, that due to racism in the USA, the basic promise of "freedom and justice for all" is not being fulfilled.

She did not say anything new either, but we hope that these words will be implemented, when freedom and justice are at stake for everyone.

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