The US sanitary authorities plan to reduce the physical distance from two to one meter

U.S. authorities are considering reducing the recommended physical distance as part of the fight against the corona virus, from two to one meter, which would facilitate the reopening of schools, said immunologist Anthony Fauci.

According to the well-known immunologist, who is also the White House's advisor for the coronavirus epidemic, the health authorities have taken note of the collected data and it seems that one meter of distance is enough in certain conditions. Do these conditions depend on the development of population immunity, virus mutations, or do some interests and political factors contribute to these "conditions"? If the plan is to show that serious work is being done to suppress the pandemic, and not to neglect a problem like Trump in due time, it should not be forced "indicators that will speak in favour of that" at any cost.

Fauci said health authorities are analyzing the data and will make recommendations soon.

Namely, the Medical Center at Harvard University published a recent research conducted in 251 schools in the US state of Massachusetts. In one group, there were schools that respected a physical distance of two meters, and in the other of one meter.

The center concluded that there is no big difference in the number of cases of infected coronavirus between the two groups, but added that this is valid under the condition that protective masks are worn.

The biggest obstacle to reopening schools is physical distance. The reopening of schools across the United States varies between states, as well as between public, private, and religious schools. However, when it comes to children and teenagers, you should first of all listen to the recommendations of the profession.

Recall, Fauci once said in the time of Trump, that more lives could have been saved in America if an earlier attempt had been made to prevent the spread of the corona virus. He took a risk because Fauci saw his name in Trump's tweet, where the former president called for Fauci's dismissal.

I think that before making a decision on what the physical distance should be, it should be explained to the public why that particular physical distance is harmless. If for a year it was said all over the world that a distance of two meters and a mask was necessary, then experts should first explain what happened to the virus, so now the harmless distance is no longer two, but one meter. Despite the research conducted at the Medical Center at Harvard University, experts should explain why the change occurred.

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