The Smell of Disease

When it comes to the irreplaceability of devices and cell phones in our lives, perhaps the news of a scientist's achievement in the field of developing a disease alert app might be interesting. Wouldn't it be nice if we carried a device in our pocket that could detect the disease before the first symptoms manifested by smelling it? It seems that day is not far away.

Imagine a world where you would no longer have to do an endless series of annoying and painful tests in the early hours of the morning when you felt something was wrong with your health. Instead, an application on your mobile phone or an alarm on your device that you carry in your pocket or skin will inform you that something is wrong with you and that you should see a doctor. In the case of the flu, it will be bad news, but for those who develop a serious or incurable illness, an application that sends them a notification in time could save their lives. Such a reality may not be too far off. Most of the technological solutions required for this type of diagnostics already exist, and the mechanism for diagnosis has been there since our inception. One might even say that he was "in front of us" all the time - he could smell ...

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