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The Rise of Greta Thunberg

When it comes to climate activism a lot has been said, but little has been done to bring about positive long-term change to our environment. Even though she has only been famous for about six months, climate activist Greta Thunberg is being praised, despite doing very little for the environment herself. She has achieved fame and worldwide recognition for being the mouth piece for a movement she doesn't understand. Like the Kardashians before her, Greta is famous just for the sake of being famous without accomplishing anything of personal merit. She may be charismatic and passionate, but anyone can clearly tell that there are people pushing her behind-the-scenes.

Climate activism has been pushed for decades but little has been done to change the environment in any meaningful way. India and China are the earth's biggest polluters, but no climate activist is leading a movement against either of those two. Why would they be when the real goal of activists is to change and control America. Greta's rise to stardom is just a way for the progressives to control public opinion. She's not precocious, or wise beyond her years, she is a tool used by progressives to turn the public against more cautious approaches to environmental management. They've done this type of thing before where kids are recruited in order to win arguments against political opponents. But honestly I wish adult politicians wouldn't use kids to win debates or arguments. If they are trying to win any kind of debate they failed to do so by dragging children into their arguments.

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