The pressure on Biden is growing

Will Biden be able to hold all the strings in his hands within the party as well as in the place where he will be for at least four years?

Newly elected US President Joseph Biden is facing increasing pressure from rival factions within the party over the decision on a new defense minister.

While some Democrats are in favor of electing an African-American as the new minister, others believe that a woman should be appointed to this position for the first time in history, while some think that Michelle Flournoy is not a good candidate.

A coalition of at least seven progressive groups warned Biden in the letter that Flournoy was not a good candidate because of her ill-considered political decisions, especially regarding Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan, as well as the history of her activities in the private sector.

The chairman of the Committee for the Alliance of Yemen, which participated in drafting the letter, claims that Flournoy continued support for military interventions has contributed to devastating crises around the world, including in Yemen.

In the meantime, there are proposals to appoint an African-American Minister of Defense, and retired General Lloyd Austin and lawyer Joe Johnson stand out among the candidates.

Pressure to elect a minister is intensifying, with the newly elected president having less than a month to form an administration, trying to preserve the broader coalition that contributed to his election victory.

Some political analysts are of the opinion that Biden will not be able to influence many things on his own and that this is where Kamala Harris will come to the fore. Which is not bad at all. A woman with a vision, determined in her attitudes and willing to put them into action.

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