The pollution in Serbia is so much that we can see what we are breathing

In Serbia, for two winters in a row, the air is so polluted that smog can be clearly seen in the form of fog and also felt during breathing, and can often be felt with the sense of taste. In other words, breathing in Serbia is dangerous to health. Very toxic particles can be found in the pollution, and according to some measurements, which the authorities are trying to hide, seven thousand people die prematurely from air pollution. Has bringing investors and subsidizing them who build factories in Serbia been done at any cost? No one seems to care about filters on factory chimneys, if there are any. Of course, no one has anything against industrialization, but with respect to all health protection measures. It seems that the only important thing for the Government of Serbia is to take pictures with investors during the commissioning of the factory and thus gain a reputation. They don't care about people's health at all. Personally, I know many people who have had pneumonia twice during the winter. If we add to that a decrease in immunity due to poor air quality in combination with the corona virus, the results are devastating. At the same time, it is known that the city of Belgrade has reduced the budget for environmental protection.

Also, friends who moved to other countries had, while living in Serbia, problems with asthma, periodic pneumonia, and other respiratory problems, such as allergies and other infections. When they left, they started breathing normally. Quality air is determined according to international standards and as such is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. This means that the government itself is violating the constitution by doing nothing about bad, or rather dangerous air, allowing everything and anything for the commissions that they put in their pockets.

Imagine that in the 21st century, when the pace of life is fast and requires people to be in good shape to perform daily business and private duties, they have to "breathe shallowly". Even some doctors have officially announced that during the winter, especially when there is no wind and where pollution can even be seen, people go out as little as possible and avoid physical activities. Total absurd. How many blood vessels and organs in humans are then deprived of the necessary dose of oxygen in order to be healthy first and foremost, and then able to fulfil daily obligations. Pollution particles can be seen floating through the air at night in front of car headlights. This kind of pollution primarily leads to lung diseases, lung cancer, but through the bloodstream they reach every part of the body, damaging the heart and brain and all other vital organs. It simply affects the health "from head to toe". And even if someone catches the corona virus, with an already deficient amount of oxygen in the body, and doctors puts him / her on a respirator. I think it's a shock that anyone can literally die.

That is why the citizens left to themselves organized protests. A group of citizens "Eco Guard" was formed, which organized the "Protest for Safe Air".

Participants in the "Protest for Safe Air", organized by the group of citizens "Eco Guard", walked through the central streets of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, to the building of the Government of Serbia on January 10, where they submitted requests for the adoption of measures against air pollution. The main slogan of the protest is "For Serbia without smog".

A column of gathered citizens first blocked the traffic in Nemanjina Street, where the seat of the Government is located.

Numerous whistles and shouts of "Thieves!" were heard. The gathered also carried banners "For Serbia without smog", "Healthy air, healthy children", "Against the government that carries out ecocide".

The informal group of citizens "Eco Guard" published a list of about 20 requests, among which the basic request to the Government is to respect the Constitution of Serbia, which, as they say, guarantees citizens the right to a healthy environment and timely and complete information about its condition.

The Eco Guard requested that systematic, continuous and transparent monitoring of all relevant parameters of air pollution on the entire territory of Serbia be provided, that the public be informed in a timely and accurate manner about air pollution and the consequences of exposure, through the media and "official government channels".

The list of demands of the protest organizers also includes the return to work of Milenko Jovanović, who until recently was the head of the Air Quality Control Department at the Environmental Protection Agency, and criminal responsibility is also sought "for presenting inaccurate and health information related to air pollution".

According to the application for measuring air quality "Air Visual", the capital of Serbia has been among the 10 most polluted cities in the world several times so far, and excessive pollution was also recorded by the measuring stations of the Environmental Protection Agency of Serbia. In addition, there were days when Belgrade was first on the infamous list of the most polluted cities in the world. The same is the case with all other major cities in Serbia.

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