The intelligent, crazy, fun sound of New York

Frank Zappa was a multi-instrumental artist, musician who, with his unique style and fusion of several genres combined with humorous and insightful lyrics, contributed to the richness and originality of the New York music scene. Plenty of improvisation, unconventional approach, free form, seem to be the only way this artist could function.

There was also rock, jazz, pop, experimental and orchestral music, with the inevitable echo of New York, which framed all genres as a whole, just as it should have been. In addition to music, Zappa has been involved in design, directing films and music videos, and has been active in public appearances on various community issues.

At the same time the most innovative and musician with the most combined styles, in the way that suited him best to express himself. While many admired the complexity of his musical expression, some found his work lacking in emotional depth. For some, Zappa seems to be too intelligent. It could be said sarcastic too, but above all, outside the box.

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