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The House Hatchet Girl May Never Cry "Timber!"

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Pelosi, in an unprecedented move yesterday, initiated impeachment hearings over President Trump's phone conversation with a Russian official. Amid the brouhaha of the FBI suspected coup attempt, the hacking of Trump offices prior to the last election and the defacto corruption in Washington, this can only be described as the pot calling the kettle black. She is hardly a representative portrayed as level-headed or middle-of-the road. Instead, Pelosi is known for extremism, and it makes the impending proceedings look more like collusion than reputable concern. The Democrats would have been better served to have selected a quiet, studious, and non-politic person calling for the proceedings. Now it looks like a hatchet girl ready to cry, "Timber," but does John Q. Public really care?

You can respect the office of President without liking the man who sits behind the desk. Donald Trump ran as a populist and his message struck a chord with the disenfranchised silent majority, who found no one else to represent them. Many would prefer to not be friends with the man, but they didn't elect him for his likable personality. Rather, Donald Trump portrayed three key qualities which resonated with voters: He ran as an unapologetic patriot. He ran as someone who understood fiscal responsibility. He ran as a person unwilling to play the game of politics (a quality chilling to career politicians like Pelosi and Schumer.)

As a patriot, President Trump did not disappoint. From securing borders to meeting with foreign leaders, he proved his waving of the red, white and blue was more than mere rhetoric. Unlike the Obamas, who apologized for being American on multiple occasions. Not even his critics attack his love of country. Believe me, if they could, they would.

His business acumen came into play almost immediately. He initiated programs to bring jobs home, worked on fair trade agreements with China, dropped unemployment, and raised the GDP. He understands the threat of an unbalanced budget. He has not disappointed.

Most of all, President Trump is NOT a career politician. He speaks bluntly and without a filter. He isn't politic at all in trying to win people over to his agenda. He just is what he is. Nothing demonstrates this better than the issue of a border wall. His inflammatory rhetoric dissuades some supporters, and the press only confuses the issue...but next year voters will weigh in on the subject. Their response may dismay Pelosi and her cohorts.. Despite democratic claims, despite the media hype, despite the,hatchet job, when Donald Trump is re-elected the silent majority will have spoken volumes once again. Don't hold your breath waiting for Pelosi to call, "Timber!"

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