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The Goose and the Gander: Obama Scandals Overlooked

With Congress itching to impeach President Trump, let's look at the passes Barak Obama enjoyed during his tenure as President of the United States. I read a post the other day longing for his scandal-free days, and I just about dropped my uppers. I realized how tone deaf some people are when it comes to partisan politics. I recall an old adage about a goose and a gander. President Obama's goose got repeated passes, but President Trump's gander is getting roasted for a Democratic Sunday dinner.

First of all, President Obama tampered with Israel's election. So when there is a hint of Russian involvement in US elections, let the press wax eloquent, but when our State Department sends hundreds of thousands of dollars to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu, it's okay? The Washington Times carried this story in July of 2012, but I never heard it on any reporting networks like CNN or MSNBC. It deserved a Congressional reprimand at the least, but Congress remained silent. The goose got off scot-free.

Under his administration a foreign embassy was overrun with American casualties. The cover-up earned little mainstream coverage and no charges for anyone involved. It all fell on then Secretary Clinton, but we don't believe POTUS had any input at all? She operated while keeping him in the dark? It warranted ten investigations, but ultimately, President Obama's administration got a pass and Congress remained silent. The goose got off scot-free.

Fast and Furious resulted in running guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels. Seriously If that had happened under President Trump, the media headlines would have screamed about the scandal for weeks. Our representatives required no accountability. President Obama's appointed officials obstructed the investigation for over seven years, and President Obama got a pass. Congress remained silent. The goose got off scot-free.

Solyndra proved a fiasco. His government awarded $535 million to the George Kaiser Family Foundation as an economic stimulus in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which was subsequently lost when the company declared bankruptcy. Not a shrewd business deal by any means, but what journalist or representative looked into why we gave so much money to a troubled company and what happened to it? The goose got off scot-free.

Was I the only one who listened to his conversation with President Putin, promising he'd be more flexible after his election? Arm twisting, or rather, diplomacy, has existed since the inception of the United States. Does President Trump deserve a Congressional reprimand? Yes. Does he deserve impeachment for requesting the truth about Burisma corruption and Joe Biden's kid's trips abroad with his dad? Deserving or not, the gander's being roasted and it's along party lines. Partisan politics at its finest.

Let me be clear: I am a fan of transparency. Parity. Justice. When President Trump steps out of line, he needs to be reprimanded. But I believe if the Democrats controlling the House weren't so afraid of him, they'd have left it to the election next year and let the people have their say on the matter. But fair play and transparency are not hallmarks of this Congressional session. Just roasting.

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