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The Ford Mustang's Mustard!

The good old school classic Mustang is always a must see! It is a pony, muscle car with a hauling V-8 Engine. Its history has been around since 1965, and survived many generations. It still lives on today, and is becoming rarer, and rarer.

The most daring engine that throws a punch. This V8 will make you shine like itself.

With a speed of 164 HP to 210 HP. It also has different built in engines for a say if you want a very very fast race car.

It sought out many models, and different style breeds.

Throughout the years it became classic, cool, fancy, cheap, expensive, and a hard bargain.

The interior itself has that vibe of classical beauty. You just want to tune it, fix it, and play with the Ford Mustang. It is so smooth when your riding it, when you want to haul, all you have to do is gently press, and you will feel the heat. The Ford Mustang is a throttled sweet ride classic! That good classic smell of a car, and driving is worth the thrill!

Janelle Rae Moore

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