The depth of the sea or the mighty plateau of a mountain?

According to some expert studies, extroverted personalities prefer the sea, while introverts prefer mountains. Open people love the socialising and crowds on the beaches, the feeling of the depth of the water, the wonderful feeling of the sun and hot sand. People turn more to their inner side prefer peace and quite of the mountain. I think both types of people are right.

Both choices have their advantages. Beach people are at a high level of energy that they exchange through socialising. People on the mountain are at a high level of experiencing nature and discovering their true selves. Again, I think both are right. Both are happy in the way that suits them. This may not seem so at first glance, because the beach person is cheerful and exhilarated, sharing his/her enthusiasm with the others. The person on the mountain is calm but still very happy. The way these two types express their happiness is exactly what sets them toward the beach or the mountain.

One can also, according to experts, find out what tendencies in professional life these two personality types have. People from the beach are more in a go-get attitude, so something to do with an active, dynamic business. Mountain people are more visionaries, perhaps more inclined to the art of simplicity. Again, I think both are equally creative.

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