The Democrats cannot land a more serious blow to Trump?

It seems that the Democratic Party cannot cope with Donald Trump's illegal, inflammatory and corporate moves. The current president seems to favour the powerful and their personal interests to the detriment of ordinary people. As commentators say this is the worst, corrupt Republican party in history and no one can fight it. One of the reasons is that Trump's games were swallowed by many members of trade unions. That is why the unions are content with crumbs and are getting smaller and weaker, and it is the unions that have pushed the Democratic Party through history and given it strength. Trump, on the other hand, seems successful as he tweets insults, falsifies accusations, lies and who knows what else. Obviously the current official policy is corporate and very strong. In addition, Trump is constantly interfering in the profession regarding the Covid-19 issue, introducing his unprofessional opinion and disparaging and humiliating the profession itself, as well as all others who do not agree with him. The Democratic Party should also draw attention to Trump's daily violence against the Constitution in order to implement corporate-corruption policy, and to protect his dictatorial regime.

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