The challenges of Biden's administration

Biden’s attitude towards the economy is well known, and the question arises as to what the situation will be as far as the stock market is concerned. Analysts believe that Biden would inherit a mess in the economy as well as looking for a solution to a new wave of coronaviruses. The pandemic is affecting stock price movements on the market, and it will be a challenge. Biden and Democrat’s well-known priorities are green energy, infrastructure spending, and health care. So, everything that has to do with these areas will be interesting for investors.

His attitude towards sustainable energy sources is also known, as well as solving pollution problems and protecting the environment. The liberal views of the Democrat and his associates on the legalization of marijuana are also well known. All this is closely monitored by investors, which shares of which companies will grow and where to invest. It can also mean a change in trends in trade, the economy, but also in the lives of ordinary people in general. An important departure from the polarization of society, which has accumulated in the last four years. Everything that leads to a more normal life, and is dictated by the conditions imposed by economic policy, is important for the whole world, not only for the US.

A healthier environment, solving the problem of the pandemic, as well as the return of normal relations between people, above all, as a precondition for combating growing tensions, racism, lack of money, and favouring big capital and interest lobbies. The relationship with China will also be important, not the aggravation of international relations, because China is also investing in development and has a plan for the production of electric vehicles in the coming years. All this is a field for cooperation, not for international conflicts and invocation of the spirits of the invisible enemy. All of this can reflect on ordinary people and their daily lives, we hope. A healthy mental atmosphere in society is important and should be raised to its former level, because it is not good for anyone at the moment. Democracy, above all, which has collapsed, needs to heal, and with it, relations between people. If Biden and his inclination towards green energy and a healthy environment are to be believed, then let it be the general direction of his administration towards social relations.

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