The Bottle Cap Challenge

Can you unscrew the bottle cap, using some martial arts move or some other precise way? If not, start practising, because it's a challenge that some celebrities have already taken part in. You can use your foot and some karate, judo, or find some effective way because it's a challenge. If the way, or the object, that will make it more unusual, you are closer to the top of those who responded in a creative way to the challenge. This was started by Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin, who unscrewed the bottle cap. It does not seem difficult for him to accurately unscrew the cap from the bottle, since he is a master of martial arts, but how others have gone through it, can be seen on social networks. Among the celebrities who have effectively done it is Jason Statham, who did it in the mastermind's manner. I said, any creative way can be used without the use of hands, and Mariah Carey did it without hands and without feet, using her specific voice capabilities. Is it a trick by Mariah Carey, I don't know but it looks effective. Many others, well-known and those who have not, were very inspired to do so in the most unusual way.

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