The American dream for everyone?

Did the pandemic contribute to stupidity and hatred overwhelm people, even in New York, or did that same pandemic open a Pandora’s box and show us all what’s really in people? Even in New York, which was once known as the capital of the world. This stupidity which growing every day makes New York and the American dream sink.

Maybe someone is a descendant of Italians or Irish, don't get me wrong, whose ancestors long ago fled to America from repression. Like these young people of Chinese or Korean origin, it doesn't matter, whose ancestors fled communism, a bad life, some personal reason. They have the right to seek personal happiness.

How many more idiots are there who need to be told that all Americans have origin from somewhere else, other than Native Americans. The police don't seem to be doing their job, while let's say this Filipino American went to work and was beaten. There are many other cases.

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