Texas schoolchildren "slave trafficking"

A group of ninth-graders, ages 14 and 15, from a school in Aledo, Texas, was punished for forming a group on the Snapchat app called "Slave Trade" where they assigned prices to their black peers.

This kind of behaviour of the cyber "Slave Owners" did not fall from the sky, of course it is their domestic upbringing. Just like many other cyber "heroes", they would be probably much smaller heroes on the street, as many other weepers.

According to the report, some students were "worth one dollar" and others "100 dollars", the New York Times reported, which had an insight into the messages. The school district conducted an investigation and determined that racial harassment and cyberbullying occurred. Some parents accused the authorities of not responding adequately.

Students at the school in Aledo posted messages on a group on Snapchat that was allegedly labelled with terms such as "farm" and "auction."

In one message, as it is stated, that the price set for one black student "would be better if his hair was not so bad". Harassment by the wretched, nothing else.

The school district of Aledo condemned the behaviour of the students, stating that his investigation was conducted in cooperation with the police.

"We have formally established that there was racial harassment and cyberbullying and prescribed disciplinary measures," the statement said, without specifying how many students were involved in these actions. Let's still believe that it is so, or if it really is, that it will change something. The school principal said that the investigation determined that racist language was used, contrary to the district code of conduct. However, some parents of black children think that it is humiliating that this sick auction called cyber violence in official statement and not racism.

"Call it cyber violence, not racism - that's the part I really don't like," said parent Mark Grabs. "I'm sick of it, what do they think, who they are?" Which gives them the right to think that they can do it to someone else, "he added.

The other parent, Ella Bullock, said she was disappointed that the district's conviction did not state that there was hate speech.

What to say, a stupid game with racist insults that comes from racist families, which can lead to tragedies tomorrow. Indeed, it is not just cyber violence with racist elements, but a much deeper problem.

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