Temporarily dim the sun. Really?? What's next??

And so ..... when the rich man begins to think about everything that will contribute to his status as a "deity", then he also begins to "help" nature to overcome its problems. So this time he decided to help nature and reduce global warming, no less and no more than by diming sunlight. I have no doubt that all this is technologically feasible, there is no lack of vanity among the rich and powerful. This summer, the tests will begin. According to The Times, a large balloon will soon be launched in Sweden that will spew out particles of calcium carbonate, which is essentially “chalk dust.”

Many plans exist for insane experiments, it is just a question of how much nature will suffer from such experiences. Has it ever occurred to Bill Gates and the like to run a campaign that would put things back at the source of the problem. It is human greed that does not even dare to destroy nature in order to earn money that even their grandchildren will not be able to spend.

This plan "scientific" plan is The Controlled Stratospheric Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), and wants to prove that the release of this dust into the stratosphere could eventually divert some of the sun's energy and lower the temperatures of our planet. Ingenious! The balloon will be launched near the Arctic city of Kiruna, and it would be the first serious attempt to test whether global warming can be kept under control by dimming sunlight. The research is being conducted by scientists from Harvard University and is funded by private donors, including the founder of Microsoft, and its goal is to achieve that sunlight is reflected outside the atmosphere of our planet. I would say ingenious to madness and even to perversion!

And so ..... from one artificial solution to another artificial solution that are all crazier and crazier. And they drag nature deeper and deeper ... what's next? Freezing sperm and eggs on the moon?

Will no one ever come to his senses and bring things back to the beginning as I already said, stop the relentless race for money and stop to drag nature to sink into your madness .... If your vanities and perversions would rest for a few months or even a year (if it is possible at all and I think it is not) nature would regenerate itself, without your insane help and perversion, and much better than with your sick help. It's just that none of you have the balls to tell others like you that they should stop making money, at least for a while, but ... it's not IN ...... and it would affect the fall of your rating, your influence among to a few lunatics like you, and to the decline of your earnings, as if you don't already have enough.

But it seems that you don't even know what you're going to do with the money, so maybe you will realize some of the sick ambitions that arose in the days when you were younger and rejected as outsiders .... eh, at least if the girls wanted at that time, when you were unknown, to look at you a little .... maybe today you wouldn't be so sick .....

Perhaps with a woman's smile, you would understand that nature knows best how to renew itself, because nature is female. Only, you as young outsiders could not and cannot be aware of that even today. Or you may have realized it in the meantime, but the bitter taste of rejection remained .... so now let nature pay for your sick plans and all those ordinary people who understand nature.

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