Temple for the Queen

The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II was a king who was known, among other things, for building the most temples and monuments. I had the opportunity to tour Egypt and visit the country from north to south and it really looks impressive. Let's say one of the temples that is special is the one in Luxor, it works magically, and another interesting fact is that the shape of the temple, that is, its project, was used in the design of the inner courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris. The feeling and vibration felt near the temple is difficult to describe in words. The walls and the stone itself, which are witnesses of the times thousands of years ago, breathe for themselves. Not far from Luxor, some three kilometres away is the Karnak Temple, also imposing with its rows of enormous sculptures and the time of the Pharaohs breathing in between the sculptures.

However, the temple that stands out from other temples and is magical in size and purpose is certainly Abu Simbel not far from the city of Aswan in southern Egypt. This temple is carved in a huge rock, and the size is so large that, for example, you stand at the entrance for someone to take a photo of you, so that the carved sculptures next to the entrance can be seen in the photo, you look like a small, tiny, fuzzy silhouette next to them. The purpose of this temple is also special, Ramses II built and dedicated to his wife, Nefertiti. I do not know if she was happy with the temple, I suppose she was, but the magic of purpose is quite felt. A magnificent temple dedicated to a magnificent woman. That's probably why it's special.

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