Tear gas, shots rang out, fights

Division is present on all grounds, political, racial, class, and all other possible and impossible. Predictions regarding street violence over the change of President and the transition of power in the US have proven to be correct. One example is this one from the state of Washington.

Clashes broke out in Olympia, the capital of the federal state of Washington, between the supporters of the current American president Donald Trump and the members of Antifa, the anti-fascist, leftist movement.

- One group identified itself as the Patriot Prayer, and the other refused to identify itself, but wore recognizable anti-fascist symbols - said the representative of the state police, Darren Wright, the local daily Olympian reported.

The Patriot Prayer group is an ultra-right organization from Vancouver that organizes frequent protests in Portland, while Antifa is known as broad anti-fascist movement.

Footage was published on social networks showing Trump supporters hitting Antifa members with American flags, a shooting was reported, and the footage clearly shows that some of the participants in the conflict were holding firearms in their hands.

Police said that they arrested a member of Antifa who is suspected of physically attacking a protester of the Patriotic Prayer.

During the conflict, a group of masked demonstrators threw tear gas, but after the intervention of the police, the situation calmed down.

However, members of the security forces remained on duty on the streets of Olympia until further notice.

This is not the first conflict of these groups, nor the last, unfortunately. We hope that more mass conflicts will not continue, although something like this was expected due to the evident polarization of society during the previous four years.

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