Taxation of freelancers law enforcement or robbery? Collapse of private sector in Serbia for sure

The Association "Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia" announced that it would support the protest of the freelance community, which is scheduled for Saturday, January 16, at 3 pm in front of the Assembly, due to "correcting great injustices and even greater damage caused to the domestic economy." .

It is known that the Serbian government announced the taxation of freelancers, which increased because the freelancers themselves were not even informed in a timely manner. Taxes, meanwhile, have piled up, and freelancers are looking for relief to be able to pay it at all. On the other hand, the state says it has no intention of talking to them until they pay taxes in full. Is this time again a mistake in the administration or simply the rudeness of ministers and state officials? Only a few days before December 31, a "New Year's card" from the Tax Administration arrived at the address of more than two thousand freelancers and workers on the Internet. Tax decisions from 2015 and a request to pay salary tax retroactively for the last five years.

It was pointed out that what is happening to the employees in the freelance community is one of the clearest examples of "non-transparent, incorrect and repressive attitude of the state towards the private sector".

They assessed that the requirement for freelancers to pay income tax and contributions retroactively five years ago, even for services that were not used, is an invitation to everyone to ask what is happening in institutions established to equally represent the interests of all their citizens.

"Such a decision unequivocally indicates the shortcomings, sluggishness and sloppiness of the tax system, and especially the lack of desire, will and even the ability to regulate various areas of private business in Serbia in a way that would be stimulating and functional for mutual benefit," the statement said.

Several protests have already taken place and slogans such as "Taxation backwards, failure in advance", "See you in line for a visa", "Work is not a crime", "404 error", etc. could be seen there.

They called on the members to show with their presence that the united activities of the domestic economy will not give up any of their demands, which are write-off, not reprogramming of deferred taxes and contributions, equal application of the law for all, change of the tax system to fairer, more progressive and transparent.

It is added that there is a halt to the use of inspections as a means of repression and extortion, then reimbursement of costs to all activities that are partially or completely prevented by state measures, reduction of taxes and contributions to a minimum of 10%, directing repression to the "black market". “, The abolition of parafiscal levies, such as the eco tax and the collection of inscriptions on shops, as well as the abolition of the advance payment of profit tax.

It was pointed out that domestic businessmen, in addition to all obligations, many of which are debatable, and against which the Association "Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia" has taken adequate legal measures, must not pay other people's mistakes.

Many of the freelancers are outraged because they did not know anything about taxes in time. According to many of them, they had the opportunity to go abroad to work, but they stayed in Serbia, which does nothing to encourage the private sector, on the contrary, as if it wants to collapse it.

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