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Tampa Bay Rays Successful Season!!

The Tampa Bay Rays have had a very successful season this year. After a few years of not doing so well they have finally picked up the pace, with only being a few games back of the New York Yankees. They are being lead behind the bat of Austin Meadows who has a batting average of .288. They are also lead by pitcher Charlie Morton with a record of 14-6, both of these guys are putting up big numbers for the team. There are plenty of other players who are putting up big numbers such as Blake Snell and Avisail Garcia. They started the season on fire they were 6 games above everyone else. After the all star break they got off to a kind of sluggish start, they picked it back up and started winning again. The Rays went a few losing streaks, but they managed to stick around the top of the American League.

The Rays have a chance to clinch a wildcard spot they are a half game over the Cleveland Indians and the Oakland Athletics. At the moment they have the highest chance of clinching that spot with a 63.4% chance. They haven't been to the post season since 2013 when they lost in the first round. If they don't clinch the wildcard spot, there is a probability that they could still make the playoffs. They are second in their division, and they are 4th overall in the American League. They should definitely make the playoffs.

Even if they don't make the playoffs or clinch that wildcard spot, they can look back and see all the improvements that they made throughout the year.

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