Tajine or tagine is an incredibly delicious meal that I ate in Morocco. It is a Maghrebi food whose name comes from the earthenware dish in which it is cooked. It can be prepared with lamb or chicken meat with the addition of rice, vegetable, and exotic Arabian spices.

This dish can also be found in Algeria, and the method of preparation can vary to some extent. Common spices used are ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and saffron. When preparing vegetarian secrets, chili and peppers are used. A sweet-sour combination is also possible when prepared with dates.

The tajine cooking pots are designed so that the lid has a conical shape that prevents steam from going out, so the contents of the pan are steamed and require little water to cook.

The ancient design of the dish, which is especially present today in healthy cooking styles, here also combined the conditions of the desert where there is otherwise not enough water.

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