Sunset mood

It is said that respect and admiration for nature is very strong because it is instinctive, something that is not taught. Some instinct that makes us pause and stare at nature or the sun at sunset, which is so natural, innate, and tells us that we are still part of nature, however much we forget it. No wonder we are fascinated by the spectacle of the sunset colours, leaving us breathless. Somehow we feel that this same spectacle exists in us, that same spectrum of calming colours, which at exceptional moments such as sunset, flare up.

Although the sunset lasts for a few minutes, the impression in us often lasts much longer, which only goes to show that the same spectacle is within us. What can this mean? If we do not rush under the burden of all obligations, and stop for a moment to admire nature and its wonders, we feel the well-being in us, which we only need to encourage. Nature seems to want to remind us that we can awaken a potential within us, that is the same as the one we can see in nature itself, but we just have to stop and lift our heads, look at it. Psychologists say that if we respect nature and what it has to offer, we would be more satisfied with our lives. The same psychological studies saying that spending time in nature contributes to emotional well-being, caring for others, advancing the spiritual aspects of personality. According to the ancient saying, when the sun has set, no candle can replace it.

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