Structural Racism in America

When America was created it was then the first liberal state in the world with a constitution that emerged from the then unified Declaration of Independence. However, was it really conceived as a free country for all when tacitly black people were left out of enjoying the freedoms mentioned in the Declaration? The right to freedom, life and the pursuit of personal happiness. Clearly, the American Dream was a wonderful idea reserved for whites, while blacks fought hard for these, according to the Enlightenment, rights inherent in all people. No Enlightenment philosopher made a distinction between who has natural rights, it is said: all people have the right to the mentioned freedoms derived from natural rights acquired at birth. So acquired by the fact that someone is born and lives. Yet racism has structurally permeated all institutions and blacks struggle to secure jobs, education, health care. Finally, what has become apparent lately is that they do not have the same treatment before the judiciary and law enforcement. We are witnessing brutal police actions against blacks. It's not from yesterday. The fact that racism did not stop after the Civil War has not stopped today. It has taken root everywhere in a way appropriate to the modern moment.

Of course, there are cases of successful black people, but this is an army of ordinary people, children left on the street who will most likely end up in crime and again black are called as the cause of everything negative in society. Everyone who wants to be accepted as such can be a respectable member of society and contribute to the community. The problem, then, is in what is called structural racism. Is it a consequence of the inability of people to fight prejudice or simply they do not want to, so they nurture that racism as a defence against an imaginary enemy. The question is simply, in order to maintain freedom, there must always be some threat to the society it must fight against. Are the mentioned freedoms from the Enlightenment ideals conditioned by the constant imaginary threat in order for those freedoms to be maintained? The worst thing is that such attitudes really live in the minds of many people and are expressed daily and brutally through the structures of the system.

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