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When we plan trips to any country, the thing which attracts us most is culture and food of that particular place. Blend of spices and surrendering of taste buds to the mouthwatering food. India is the country of colours, culture and food that will make you a forever fan of this heritage rich country. Street cuisines in India cover a large part in plate and heart of food lovers. So if you are seeking for serious forever kind of relationship with food then variety of street food in India will not only fit in your budget but will also make your taste buds go crazy. You can witness the experienced hands preparing luscious food and serving you with tummy appetizing varieties and savory drenched aura which will surely make you fall in love with these streets serving the best, quick and delicious services. Here are the most in-demand street cuisines of India that should be served to your tummy to satisfy the soul of food lover in you-

Vada Paav This is ‘Mumbai Ki Jaan’ which carries its own secrets with chutney and mind blowing taste of Batata vada (means potato fritter in Marathi) placed between two buns. More often it is famous with tag of India ka Burger.

Dahi Puri Another very important member of street food is Dahi Puri, manifesting its presence on the streets of India with a perfectly tongue tickling taste. This crispy puffed puris are stuffed with boiled potatoes, combination of spicy chutney with onion, beaten curd and sev which induces a never ending craving.


It’s a Tibetan dish but North Indians love it to core and are served with the twist of spicy stuffing. Although you will find so many stalls serving momos but Dolma Aunty’s Momos in South Delhi and Momo’s Point in North Delhi are most famous among all.

Akki Roti Karnataka cuisine which is basically rice bread known as Akki Rotti in Kannada served with freshly prepared coconut chutney will surely make you indulge in fact of tasteful and healthy breakfast goals with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Kachori Spicy snack which is heart beat of many people and very famous Rajasthani cuisine is very particularly served with the sweet and sour Imli (Tamarind) ki Chutney/Paste or Hari (Coriander) Chutney/Paste. Definitely, a blast of exotic flavours with moong lentil or onion stuffing fried in oil and would taste so heavenly that you will able to feel yourself in paradise of flavours.

Many more variety of street cuisines are still to be covered and one article won’t be enough and so we will carry yummy bundles of some more street foods in the next blog.

Stay tuned, have a yummy day!!

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