Still no crazy experiment though. Waiting for the right moment or there is still common sense?

The test of the ambitious and at times semi-retarded Bill Gates has been postponed. After not so positive feedback from people around the world and Sweden itself, where the experiment was supposed to take place, there will be no artificial dim of the sun, for now. Whether it is really a negatively accepted Bill's proposal, or we are waiting for a more favorable moment, political, pressure on the public or something else, we will see.

For now, it is official that the Advisory Board related to the project has given a recommendation and a statement. Known as SCoPEk, the project was supposed to scatter chalk high into the atmosphere to try to prevent sunlight and heat from the Sun from reaching the Earth's surface. If the pilot test was successful, they could start the project on larger areas. (This of course means the involvement of various companies and a lucrative business). Thus, by spraying thousands of kilograms of chalk into a high atmosphere (and investing in new nonsense that brings money), they would hope to manipulate local and regional weather and climate. And not only with time, it is probably already clear to the children.

The SCoPEx Advisory Committee wrote, “It is clear from the feedback that there is a broadly shared commitment to research that can help prevent climate change from worsening. It is also clear that there is a lack of consensus about research related to geoengineering. Because of this, the SCoPEx Advisory Committee is recommending that societal engagement should occur in Sweden before any SCoPEx research is conducted in the country. The Committee has begun the process of working with leading science engagement specialists in Sweden and looking for a Swedish host for the societal engagement. The Committee has recommended to Harvard and the research team that any equipment test flights in Sweden need to be suspended until the Committee can make a final recommendation about those flights based on a robust and inclusive public engagement in Sweden.”

Well done for this statement of the committee, but to me this seems to be the preparation of the terrain ahead: from public opinion to the smallest technical details and the larger ones needed to perform an insane experiment. Everything must seem "accepted" and "democratic" with an emphasized note that a society and a community smaller and wider benefits from it.

Bill Gates, along with other private donors, were planning to spend millions of dollars to spray the stratosphere with chalk to combat what they perceive to be climate change. The chalk would be calcium carbonate, the same material that is the primary component of egg shells, snail shells, seashells, and pearls. Gates and other project backers hope this plan will deflect some of the sun’s radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface, resulting in less-warm conditions here.

A detailed description of the disease plan is also given, which consists of a large balloon that would be launched into the atmosphere and release chalk particles. I don't want to describe the scientific part of the experiment in more detail, because I'm getting sick. Not from science but from sick minds. If only someone could invent some chalk spray to spray on sick brains. They would do a service to humanity, and to those who suffer from a serious mental illness, which occurs in the extremely powerful. The disease is called "messianism" and affects lunatics who think they are messiahs.

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