Steven Spielberg will no longer direct 'Indiana Jones'

For almost 4 decades, the series ‘Indiana Jones’ has been tied to the name Steven Spielberg as its director as well as Harrison Ford as the star. But for the first time ever, ‘Indiana Jones 5’ will be directed by someone different.

The name James Mangold has surfaced and he is in talks to take over the project. The “Ford v Ferrari” director has previously taken over a project as well with ‘Logan’ from the Wolverine series. Logan became a blockbuster that earned $619 million and an Oscar nomination for Mangold. But this doesn’t mean that Spielberg is completely out of the movie. He will still be a hands-on producer and it was part of his wish to see ‘Indy 5’ be handled by the new generations in their perspective. Harrison Ford will remain to star in the movie.

Previously, the ‘Call of the Wild’ star said production for the movie will begin in two months. But later, he revealed that there were still a bit of scheduling and script issues before they get everything straight and move on with the shooting.

With this, there is a possibility that the movie will be delayed even further from their 2021 release date since their announcement in 2016. George Lucas, one of the show’s original creator, is also expected to not be directly involved in the movie.

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