Speak easy at the corona time

This lock-down during the corona involves many restrictions such as closed restaurants, bars, public gatherings. All this is regulated in certain ways in various countries, but as always, there are ways to break it and still get people to their leisure and relaxation. One of those relaxations are certainly bars, where people, except on the Internet, can chat about their problems, ideas, aspirations, simply spend time with someone and share the warmth of those places for relaxation. Thus, even in the time of the corona, there are bars that violate the rules and general recommendations on the prohibition of gatherings and drag people to the back door, as in the time of Prohibition, the so-called speak easy bars. Maybe I don't have anything smarter to write either, but this free time that I haven't had since the old school days of my youth allowed me to think about it and feel those days again. I imagine bars from times of Prohibition and compare it to what I have the opportunity to see in the surroundings or to hear about it. In essence, everything is the same, people want to hang out at a time when it's not allowed, which makes it all the more interesting. I know that all this can endanger someone's health, but I also think that such places can, especially at this time, lift someone's spirits. That's right, speak easy then and now. Now, as then, there are reports from neighbours and those who want to protect themselves, about such places that work despite the ban, but everything is the same. Cops come to check, there is always room for different outcomes, as there used to be. I know that the statistics we get every day are cruel and there are always newly infected and unfortunately dead, but I think we can now understand what it was like in the earlier pandemics before we were all born. Also at the time of Prohibition. Even then, there were both dead and sick, but from what we know, we can also see how people coped with such dangers and how they managed to have fun in those times. We now realise that even then it was serious and dangerous. But most importantly, we can understand that even when it may have been more dangerous than now, people have found ways to have fun and especially to preserve what will remain after all, a healthy spirit!

Again, this should not be taken too seriously, just my observation without official data and supported by official evidence. Only my thinking in my free time, which is abundant in the corona time.

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