Something more about "dangerous criminals" freelancers in Serbia

Who are the freelancers that the state of Serbia wants to tax back in five years? Without any relief, they have to pay everything at once and they knew nothing about it on time.

Aside from the fact that laws can be interpreted as anyone wants, especially the people in power.

These are young people who have graduated from colleges and schools for the job they do. No, they could not find a job in state-owned companies because they are simply not members of the ruling party. There are semi-literate people in state bodies, boards, and companies, but they are members of the ruling party. And as such, suitable for everything that the President and his associates say should be done.

On the other hand, these young, talented people, who have their own selves and their own attitude, are not members of the ruling party. Not all freelancers are young people, there are also family people who support their families that way, at least they work hard. These are designers, writers, engineers, analysts, economists. And they could all go abroad to work. They stayed in Serbia and found a job on the Internet as freelancers, bringing in pure money from abroad, which they spend here in Serbia. At the same time, it is not a large amount of money. It is about 350, 400, 500 euros, which allows them to pay bills and basic foodstuffs, clothes and the like. These young people, who would be successful managers and experts in their fields somewhere abroad, survive here. No, they do not pay health, social and pension insurance. And they don’t think about it, yet, because they don’t have enough money for it.

When you compare these young freelancers and government officials the difference is huge. Members of ruling party are suitable obedient people, and they are everything, only people without attitude, without their selves. And that is why they are everything, because they do everything they are told. Many of them do not have a single day of work experience in the profession, exclusively in politics.

On the other hand, these freelancers, whom the state considers criminals because they did not pay taxes they did not even know about, are all just disobedient to the regime. People who want to work in the profession without burdening what some semi-literate superiors will tell them. That's why they work online for foreigners. And they do not spend that money in the Maldives or the Bahamas, but here in Serbia, thus helping the state.

During that time, the proud representative of the ruling party, who did not hesitate to insult prominent artists, actors and people who contributed to the culture of the state, looks like this:

And no one knew or heard about him until he began to primitively insult the acting and artistic human greatness. His name is not even worth mentioning, and he will be remembered as a primitive, but he is obedient to the regime. He is also a proud member of the ruling party who lives on the state budget, and freelancers are criminals who do not pay taxes.

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