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Signs of a New World Order

The Moral Majority that had asserted its power and kept it for many decades could very well lose it by putting its faith in the wrong person. I'm not talking about Jesus Christ here, but about President Donald Trump.

Many of the Republicans who are conservative in their politics and religious leanings come off as self-righteous and smug in their views, but in 2019, their views come off as extremely harmful to those who are weak and vulnerable, which goes against what Jesus teaches in the Gospels.

All of a sudden, the Democratic Party has the opportunity to take up the mantle and project itself as the Moral Party, where people of all backgrounds and labels are welcome and where voters can feel safe and secure in the idea that the Democratic politicians, if elected, can be trusted to help the country be more responsible regarding climate change.

But for a human group to call itself the Moral Party is an idea that can lead to problems. The Moral Majority is a recent example, but the moral nature has nothing to do with political ideas in and of themselves. It actually has to do with human nature. Who here can say that they have never made a mistake? Anyone?

With the fragmentation of old ideas and principles can come forth new ideas and new principles on what is appropriate conduct in the political realms that are difficult to talk about in polite ways. There is a new opportunity to make all of our lives better and the invitation to do so is becoming clear.

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