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As you know the UAW strike is continuing and I just received an email to sign a petition. The petition is asking to support the UAW workers (General Motors) to demand fair wages, share a profit for workers. It talks about a path for permanent employment for temporary (temps) workers, affordable health care and job security. I signed the petition because employees should be treated fairly. If work for someone (which I do), I would want to have fair wages, health care and job security. The time they are spending making vehicles should count for something.

Majority of my family and friends are UAW workers so it kind of hit home for me. Rumor is out that they are trying to negotiate a deal. But who knows how long it takes. I wish people in general especially the people who own big business can see things in their employees point of view. Maybe if they walked a mile in their shoes they would understand what it would feel like to be treated this unfair and would want to make a change for the better. I have a link below for you to sign.

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