She decided to quit: She did it in such a way that half the world heard about it! (VIDEO)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Bad interpersonal relationships, mobbing, racism, and even verbal sexual abuse by colleagues, are just some of the reasons for dismissal, no matter how much we need the job.

And while some decide to leave quietly, others, like a girl from America, do it in such a way that the whole world knows about their departure from the company.

- Attention customers, associates, and bosses. I'm Shana and I just wanted to tell you that Henry is a racist pig. Elias is a terrible boss. This company fires black workers for no reason. This company treats its workers like shit. And Jimmy from the sports equipment department, Joseph from the box office, and Larry from the garden center are perverts. I hope you didn't talk to your daughters like I did. Fuck the managers, fuck this company, fuck this job, I'm fucking quit - she said into the loudspeaker, and everyone who was inside the shopping center could hear her words.

This video also reached social networks, as Shana was filmed during her dismissal, and received a large number of positive comments, with the remark that she endured in such an atmosphere for almost two years, as much as she was employed at that job.

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