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Shaquille O'Neal Says Kobe Bryant's Death Is "Always Going to Hurt"

Shaquille O'Neal will always be mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant.

While on the red carpet of his carnival-themed "Shaq's

Fun House" event in Miami this weekend, the former Lakers player gave an update on how he was doing following the death of his friend and teammate last week.

"I'm coping, but it's always going to hurt," he told E! News. The pre-Super Bowl event, at which he DJed, ended up being a fundraiser for the families of those who also died in last Sunday's crash. O'Neal shared that that particular detail was the main reason he didn't cancel his appearance.

"The proceeds are going to the families," he said. "We need to start talking about them more. They're very important. Anyone that loses a life is very important, so my condolences also goes out to the families."


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