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Scams While Looking for Employment

So I am a full-time pharmacy technician and full-time mom. I am currently looking to work from home to spend more time with my children. I'm over the long, repetitive commute, putting gas in the van every other day, working afternoons and getting home super late. I've been applying since June and let me tell you it definitely is not as easy as you would think. I've gotten more turn-downs than offers and I have over 20 years experience in the fields I've applied for. Talk about discouraged :(

In the midst of me getting offers, I found that a few of them were straight up SCAMS; mind you I've only applied on reputable job sites, so I'm unsure how these scammers are getting through. I wanted to post this blog in regards to anyone else seeking employment from home. I've got a few tricks that I've recently learned to kind of weed out the not-real-job opportunities out:

1.) If anybody contacts you and wants to have an interview on google hangouts: automatic RED FLAG. I know that technology is changing and a lot of corporations are hiring more WFH employees to cut down on in-house bills and making things flexible for good help, but nobody is going to have a "chat/messaging" interview. The least they might do is a video/live chat. It's very common. I fell for this once, almost twice.

2.) If anybody suggests sending you a check for your equipment: another RED FLAG. I actually asked one of the "recruiters" if you guys are sending me money for software/equipment, why can't you just have it installed on your end and ship it out to me?....... Dead silence, no response. These people are real scammers because once you go to deposit that check and wait for clearance, it's going to come back insufficient. I learned the hard way but luckily nothing serious happened, just had to pay a $12.00 fee which wasn't fair but that's another story.

3.) Google all prospective employers to make sure they are legit. If they don't have a reputable website or a BBB business review/rating, then it's normally not a real job.

4.) Lastly, make your profile on all job sites private. I found that making it public makes your resume' vulnerable to these jerks. Employers can only see your resume' when you apply directly to their job posting.

Please don't be a victim like I was. Even though nothing detrimental happened, except for being disappointed because I was really looking forward to the opportunities that were being presented, it could have been worse. Just be cautious and research EVERYTHING.

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