Russian Covid -19 vaccine created an immune response according to studies

When Russia released the first approved vaccine against Covid-19 in August, it met with criticism, as CNN reports, even though all 76 respondents developed antibodies to the corona virus. The vaccine caused certain side effects such as fever, but these effects were mild. The level of neutralization produced by antibodies is very similar to the acquired immunity that people have after recovery from Covid-19.

"The data on the Russian vaccine studies reported in The Lancet are encouraging," said Brendan Wren, professor of microbial pathogenesis, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

In the study, half of the participants had a fever, 42% had a headache, about 28% had weakness, and 24% had joint pain. The article did not say how long these side effects lasted but said "most adverse events were mild."

Russia is planning a mass vaccination in October, and according to the Ministry of Health of this country, medical staff and teachers will be the first vaccinated. According to the allegations, a trial test of the vaccine will be in Moscow next week, and 5,000 people have already applied for this trial vaccination. While some are determined to get the vaccine, some are against making vaccination mandatory. According to opponents of vaccination, mandatory vaccination is a political decision and they even launched a petition against vaccination before a complete clinical trial.

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