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Rush Limbaugh Meets His Maker?

Not too many of us shed a tear when Rush Limbaugh announced he has stage 4 lung cancer. Now, the creator of all things racist has honored the other racist.

Yep folks, 45 thought it was a great idea to give back to his fellow “I hate all things that aren’t white” people, by honoring Rush with the Medal of Freedom.

USA Today reported, the Presidential Medal of Freedom was established in 1963 by President John. F. Kennedy and is the nation’s highest civilian honor. It’s awarded by the president to those “who have made exceptional contributions to the security of national interests of America, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."

We’re assuming 45 admired Rush’s openly racist statements throughout the years, and thought there was no better time (after beating his impeachment trial) then now to show just how racist he really is.

Look this is America people, so nothing surprises us anymore. It simply proves that you never know how people truly feel about you until they are placed in positions of power and no longer need your “support”.

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