Rose coloured lake

Nature really knows how to give us amazing scenes. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, mountain massifs of various shapes and colours, which sometimes resemble handicrafts, one of the gifts is certainly coloured water bodies like a lake like this.

The tiniest animals give incredible colour to the calm water surface in the middle of Siberia. If you find yourself in the Kulundin plain on the Altai in August and look in front of you, you will see endless steppes, mottled with green and yellowed vegetation, and in the middle of it an unusual and unexpected stain. Surrounded by a glittering white shoreline, here lies Burley Lake in full splendour: the pink glow ...

In addition to this, there is another, salty lake that occasionally gets pink, Pink Lake in Melbourne, Australia. This lake is not quite as “regular” as Burley Lake, because its colour change depends on the algae. The same is the case with nearby Lake Hillier, which is harder to access. Other well-known pink lakes are Retba in Senegal, Masazirgol in Azerbaijan, Koyasko in Ukraine, and Salina de Torrevieja in Spain.

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