Rihanna donates $5 million to help fight COVID-19

Rihanna has joined many who have helped with their donations and are helping to overcome this severe pandemic. Specifically, she donated $ 5 million in response to the corona virus pandemic, and as her Clara Lionel Foundation stated, this money goes to support "on the ground partners". In other words, it is all those who work on the front lines in reaction to the catastrophic, devastating numbers that this catastrophe has statistically shown. Of course, the lives of the hit people are much higher than the numbers. More specifically, this donation goes to those on the front lines in the field who help marginalised communities to overcome this catastrophe. In this way, this assistance goes to the most vulnerable in the United States, then the Caribbean and Africa.

The funding will be channelled through Direct Relief, Partners In Health, Feeding America, the International Rescue Committee, the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and others. The money will go to food banks, testing, healthcare worker training, virus prevention and distribution of critical respiratory supplies. “Never has it been more important or urgent to protect and prepare marginalised and under served communities –those who will be hit hardest by this pandemic,” CLF’s executive director Justine Lucas said in the statement.

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