Ridiculous people who are already living the future, but their improvisations say the opposite

Technology, it is known, is present everywhere, to such an extent that people are literally dependent on it. Even so dependent that previous generations could not imagine that people would become so dependent. Somehow, this technology development was happening very fast. So fast that there is even an exaggeration in adapting to that development and technology in general. I am not referring to ingenious technological innovations, but human improvisations as a side-effect of this development. These are just some of them, ridiculously.

An example of an idiotic dependency on technology

Selfie is just as important as family

The relentless need for a flat screen

Oh, yes, the pace of modern life is very fast, there is no time to chill the paste

This is even cute

It really has to be enjoyed while travelling

Music must always be played and everywhere

In case that there is a danger of the remote breaking, there is a phone case

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