Restaurant with air bubbles as a defense against the corona

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Attraction in New York. These air bubbles in front of a New York bistro where guests can sit and breathe fresh air in safe capsules, have become a real attraction for those who want additional protection against the corona virus. Plastic bubbles caught the eye of the cafe owner back in July, when he searched the internet for a solution on how to make his business survive the crisis caused by the pandemic. It takes a minute to install plastic tents that resemble soap bubbles, and guests at the Café du Soleil in Manhattan say that "eating in a bubble is one of the best experiences they have had."

Cleanliness and safety, as well as protection from cold, rain or snow, are provided in only two square meters of that space, the guests agree.

New York is committed to making the "outdoor dining room" a permanent solution for thousands of restaurants that have embraced the concept after being hit by a corona virus pandemic, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

In order for guests to enjoy sitting outdoors during the fall and winter, the city will allow catering facilities to use heaters and awnings.

From next Wednesday, restaurants in New York will be able to receive guests indoors, but so that they use only 25 percent of their capacities.

The owner says that since the places for guests in the closed part of his restaurant are limited, it would not be enough to provide salaries for chefs and other staff, and who would pay to sit and eat outside when it gets cold, in the rain or snow.

Fifteen bubbles of $ 400 each saved the owner from that torment. The places in the capsules, which can seat up to six people, are reserved by phone.

"Families adore them. Children love them. Friends who want to be together again love them" - he said.

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