Recall Stanley Kubrick

Born in Manhattan, New York, of Jewish descent, he is one of the most notable film geniuses, and as critics say, one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. Known as a perfectionist, he would repeat scenes for God knows how many times, and he did not shy away from forcing veteran actors to repeat the scene 20-30 times. He made the first two films in America, and for the purpose of making the film Lolita moved to England and stayed there until his death. Maybe the reason for his perfectionism was his IQ, which was 200 maybe simply his pure genius having to do with who knows what, but one thing is for sure, his accomplishments are a subject of admiring open mouths, for movie fans of course.

He is well-known for his statements about the movie-tape game and the possibilities offered by the movie screen like no other medium. Film is a medium that filmmakers can play to unprecedented possibilities. Maybe that desire for endless play is the reason for Kubrick's genius, who knows. Perhaps the love of the game and his perfectionism is the key combination for his genius. Actor Malcolm McDowell, who played the lead role in Clockwork Orange, said if Kubrick was not a film director he would be some special forces leader. That same Malcolm McDowell was the first and only Kubrick's choice for a role in Clockwork Orange, and if Malcolm had not accepted, Kubrick probably wouldn't have made that movie either. So much of a perfectionist and genius was Kubrick that he knew at any moment what he wanted. The fact that he knew at any moment what he wanted was also felt on the movie screen as we watched his films. In a word, Kubrick.

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