Racism and violence against Asians in America

Hatred and racism towards Asians in America did not start with shootings and murders in the spas. This is only triggered and drew more public attention. In the same way that the murder of George Floyd sparked anti-racism protests against Blacks. This recent murder of Asian women reveals and will only reveal the long-standing mood of some "superior whites" towards Asians.

The following is the confession of an Asian young man in America named Kane Ma. The incident he experienced two years ago and about which he kept silent proves that racism has been going on for a long time. The tragic events at the spas prompted him to tell his story, which he published on LinkedIn. I quote it in its entirety.

"Two years ago, something traumatic happened to me…

And, due to the horrific acts we witnessed in Atlanta this week and the increase in Asian hate crimes, I feel that I can no longer be silent.

In March 2019, I was meeting up with a friend in Chapel Hill, NC, when I was jumped by three men. What I recall last, as they approached me, was hearing the words “You gonna try some kung-fu on us?” Shortly after, I found myself lying in a hospital bed, diagnosed with a large skull fracture.

When I reported the incident to the police, it was dismissed as a “my word vs. theirs” situation. Two months later, in a local bar, I was approached by the same attackers, and told by one, “White people have power”.

Aside from these acts of hate, I have genuine love for the town of Chapel Hill, NC. But, these events have left a lasting impact on me not only physically, but also mentally.

Bigoted thoughts can turn into bigoted words, which can turn into "empowered" actions. And, what happened to me is just one of many stories of racial violence.

As an Asian American and person of colour, I have experienced the recurring theme of racism in America.

We must all improve our commitment to diversity by acting on this topic. It always starts today."

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