Racial equality as a test for the Biden administration

When something is really wanted to be achieved then there are no obstacles that can prevent it. Or at least those obstacles can slow down the process in a sense but not prevent the end result. That's what modern motivators and life coaches say as they smile from their social media profiles. There are, among these motivators, politicians and successful businessmen. Everything is possible if someone is dedicated and so on. Does that mean that if someone is unsuccessful in something, s/he is not dedicated enough, motivated?

The government after the Civil War fell on a mission known as H.R. 40 - named for the "40 acres and a mule". It was the task of a government that experienced a failure, and which was to help formally enslaved African Americans. According to all the assessments of smiling businessmen and politicians who teach from their profiles as life coaches how not to fall, there was a lack of political will and motivation in the implementation of this bill. Maybe one of those unmotivated and racist members of the government in the post-civil war period was also a racist, and also maybe one of them is the ancestor of today's smiling life coaches.

However, the bill has a new meaning and momentum, which was not achieved thanks to the "advice" of those who care about their status and not honestly about our failures. After the wave of violence and racism on the streets, after many, many arrests that began to become quite regular murders, awareness of racial equality also prompted this issue as unresolved - a dialogue on reparations. The House proposal on the topic of bill reparations has been presented to every Congress in the last three decades. And nothing. What would motivators say about that?

President Biden stood behind the bill, while Kamala supported the bill while she was still a member of the Senate. Will this motivate others in order get a proposal to study reparations for slavery to this Congress. For now, everything consists of "good wishes" and then on the legislative instrument of the House, which was introduced in the Congress, which should again form a commission of experts to deal with this issue. So, gentlemen experts from various commissions, legislative bodies, do you have your own life coaches and motivators? Maybe you are life coaches and motivators in your free time, you work on it as a hobby or as a pure joke. You may find it interesting to fuck with positive thoughts while you get sick of a reparation bill.

Of course, the essence of this bill is much bigger than the reparation itself, and everyone understands that very well. They just won't listen to their motivators. It is about racial equality that has never been great and has been seriously threatened in recent years.

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