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Rachel Barnhart’s "White" Lies Continue?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

On Monday, October 5, Mayor Lovely Warren was arraigned on two Class E felonies. Warren’s case is being presided by Cayuga Judge Thomas Leone in Rochester City Court.

As more details emerge, it's all becoming extremely troubling. According to, James Sheppard accused Robert Scott Gaddy of making an illegal donation to Rachel Barnhart’s campaign for mayor. Gaddy pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday, to the theft of government money. WHEC reported, a long-time lobbyist in New York and at one time very close to Mayor Warren, told the grand jury what he knows about campaign money.

Who is Robert Scott Gaddy and what is his connection to Rachel Barnhart and Mayor Lovely Warren? So far, this is what we know. According to 13Wham, on September 12, 2017, James Sheppard announced he would be filing a complaint with the New York State Board of Elections against Rachel Barnhart for illegal campaign contributions and a last-minute flier that was sent to voters. Sheppard claimed an independent expenditure committee, backed by Albany lobbyist Robert Scott Gaddy, illegally donated $10-thousand dollars to her campaign and sent the last-minute mailer on her behalf.. (

What prompted Sheppard to file a complaint against Barnhart? According to Rochester First, on September 8, 2017, just days before Sheppard filed his complaint, Federal officials claim Robert Scott Gaddy the owner of lobbying firm Excelsior Advocates, LLC, and “illegal” donor to Rachel Barnhart had been approached by an “informant” about paying a bribe.

Then, on September 26, 2017, according to a report published on 13WHAM, Gaddy took receipt of cash with the intention of using it to bribe the Assemblymember. Prosecutors say Gaddy later suggested to the individual that Errigo be approached instead. In 2018, Gaddy allegedly arranged for a meeting with Errigo and the individual, during which the individual allegedly gave Gaddy $2,500 and Errigo $1,500. They each allegedly received another $2,000 weeks after Errigo proposed the bill with the legislative proposal.

What makes these findings more disturbing is, Gaddy had provided counsel to Mayor Lovely Warren regarding her campaign(s). According to Spectrum News, Gaddy has connections to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, challenger Rachel Barnhart, and Assemblyman David Gantt.

Is Robert Scott Gaddy the “spy” Rachel Barnhart used to gain inside knowledge of Mayor Lovely Warren’s campaign? Did Gaddy have access to Warren’s campaign accounts or manipulated someone who did? Why would Gaddy send donations to Rachel Barnhart, if he provided counsel to Warren? Were those donations a “bribe” for Barnhart to go on a public crusade against the first Black female mayor? There are way too many questions for this case to move forward.

Rachel Barnhart released the following statement in response to our editorial:

Barnhart never denied her “relationship” with Gaddy, but claimed our editorial “is filled with lies”. Our information is searchable, simply by clicking on the links or Googling all parties involved. Rachel, you may have threatened Jill Paperno to remove our editorial, but your "white privilege" does not work here. The truth will be revealed.

Who is Robert Scott Gaddy? He is a liar, thief, and a key witness in the criminal case against Mayor Lovely Warren. A man who is scheduled to take a plea deal, allegedly in exchange for his testimony. If he would take part in an elaborate bribery scheme, why wouldn't he lie to get possibly less time or no time behind bars? This thing is bigger than Nino Brown.

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Nancy Brantley
Nancy Brantley

I am a private citizen with nothing to gain by what I am about to say, but please don't do this to Mayor Lovely Warren, she is the most down to earth politician that I have ever met, she loves people in this community, she has demonstrated that love in so many small ways, she sponsored Christmas, and Mother's Day event for Senior's in this community, that warmed the heart, and we received flowers, and the food was delicious, she sponsored Young Women Balls, where the Young Women dressed up in gowns, developing their self-esteem, and supporting them, and at the Democratic Headquarters, she fed tired and hungry people that had served, and I was one of them, and I…

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