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Rachel Barnhart's "White" Lie?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

On October 2, District Attorney Sandra Doorley gloated as she announced the indictment of Mayor Lovely Warren and two others. Doorley, who claimed the victory was not personal, smiled with glee when she delivered the news that Warren would be arraigned on two Class E felonies on Monday. The indictment stemmed from allegations that Warren misused campaign funds during her re-election in 2017. According to reports, the investigation began after Rachel Barnhart filed a complaint against Warren with the Board of Elections.

In August, 13Wham reported that a state investigator claimed there was proof Warren had violated the law. That is when Barnhart decided she should add her two cents by stating, “This has never happened before, and it's never happened before because no one does this. Because it's wrong.”

Barnhart’s statement is half true, it has never happened before. But, that is because no one typically investigated these types of allegations.

During Barnhart’s campaign for mayor, she accused Warren of being “corrupt”, but never explained why. How would Barnhart know that campaign funds were being misused without having access to the mayor’s records? Were Warren’s campaign funds listed publicly or did Rachel have an “inside man” within the mayor’s camp? At that time, D&C reported the following, Barnhart was filing a complaint similar to but more exacting than one that mayoral hopeful

James Sheppard lodged against Warren this spring without any concrete evidence.

Barnhart stated, “No one does this.” Are you sure Rachel? You were accused of doing this very thing by William Sheppard. Sheppard had filed a complaint against Mayor Lovely Warren and Rachel Barnhart with the Board of Elections.

On September 12, 2017, 13Wham reported, James Sheppard announced he would be filing a complaint with the New York State Board of Elections against Rachel Barnhart for illegal campaign contributions and the last-minute flier that was sent to voters. Sheppard says an independent expenditure committee, backed by Albany lobbyist Robert Scott Gaddy, illegally donated 10-thousand dollars to her campaign and sent the last-minute mailer on her behalf. (

Barnhart was not being truthful when she claimed no one would do this, “Because it’s wrong”. She did it, according to Sheppard. Did the Board of Elections investigate Rachel Barnhart for the allegations filed against her? Or was it ignored because she has "friends" in high places? Friends like Sandra Doorley perhaps?

On December 29, Bob Lonsberry published, “Rachel Barnhart is engaged in a vendetta, not an investigation. This is not journalism, it is spitefulness. And the bottom line is this: There was an election, and Lovely Warren won. Here's the background: Former television reporter Rachel Barnhart has been blown out in two elections in as many years. Most recently, she took on incumbent Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren in a three-way primary.

I do not care how many rubber bullets Barnhart took to the face or protesting photos she is smiling in. Her hatred for the mayor is deeply rooted in the bias that many white people have. The idea of a Black woman beating her is probably something she cannot accept. If you have been sold on the idea that you are smarter, pretty, and just downright better than a Black person, this has to be a major blow to one’s ego in my opinion. This is an American-made vendetta nothing less. Rachel Barnhart should be investigated as well, or does her white privilege give her a pass?

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