Pyramid secret - the secret of the universe

Are the pyramids only built as tombs and sacred sites or have many more purposes that we do not know about. The most famous are those in Egypt, though they exist in Central and South America and in the territory of the former Mesopotamia - Sumerian.

They all have the same construction, more or less the same internal construction. Many scientific studies show that buildings are an ideal place for energy conservation. What is this energy for and what is it like? Why the pyramidal shape has the function of conserving energy. Scientists further claim that at different altitudes from the ground up, that energy changes and transforms and in some part has an ideal effect. Are the pyramids energy condensers needed for Earth, the energy collected from space? Or is it evidence of some alliance between the earth and the cosmos? There are even theories about aliens who were the original creators and architects of these wonders, while humans were the contractors. There are even natural reliefs, so they are not made by the human hand, which have the natural shape of an ideal pyramid. Does the universe through these pyramids send any message? Or just the energy needed to make sense, and we're not even aware of that energy. I do not know what gender is the cosmos, but my opinion is that it is a woman, because such wise existence and secrets are present and we are not even aware of them, surely she is a woman. The universe, ecumenical or cosmos knows the reason why she does it, and we are left to trust her wisdom.

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