Protests for Change

As I was headed to the Newseum this past Saturday, I came across what appeared to be an anti-Trump protest. A woman holding a sign where Donald Trump's nose was a porky snout and he was described as "the wurst" smiled at me, making a correct guess that, on a personal level, I'm not a fan of the man (Note: When I'm in journalist mode, however, I have to be neutral and professional, no matter what story I'm covering).

Ever since Trump became president, the inclination to protest has become very strong, in more than one corner of the globe. Feminists (male and female) have gone on to protest, some of them proudly wearing pink pussy hats. Others, who are very young, call on older people to pay attention to them, whether it is about school shootings and the fear for their personal safety or about the fearful future that can come if nothing is done about climate change. Others are antifa. Even federal government employees have protested during Trump's presidency, when the federal government shutdown took place. Abroad, I'll never forget the sign in an anti-Trump protest in London that expressed the person's opinion that nobody likes Donald Trump.

The dissatisfaction of the people is loud and clear. But who is listening to their calls for drastic change? Are they simply preaching to the choir while the person they strongly disapprove of ignores them?


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