Prince Charles positive for the corona virus

Many of the famous manifestations have been cancelled due to the well-known pandemic of the virus corona, and among them the Met Gala, or as it is precisely emphasised, have been postponed until further notice. The Cannes Film Festival has also been postponed and new scheduling dates for June or July are being considered. Many of the celebrities, politicians, princes, wives of celebrities, husbands of celebrities, or presidents are infected.

Among them, Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, who was tested for the corona virus on March 25th, has been shown to be positive. According to his spokesman, Prince Charles has mild symptoms, good general condition and is resting on his property in Scotland. His wife Camilla has also been tested, and is negative for the virus.

Of course we all want Prince Charles to recover as soon as possible, there are many who in Britain support the heir to the throne to recover as soon as possible. Still, many are dissatisfied with how tests are available for Prince, for the Prime Minister, as well as for the Secretary of Health, although, say, Prince Charles has only mild symptoms, and some healthcare workers struggle to get tested even though they have a more serious clinical picture.

“How did you get tested when thousands can't?” one Twitter user asked responding to news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the corona virus, on Friday and was self-isolating in London.

“Where did the test kits for Prince Charles and Boris Johnson come from?” another asked, before pointing out that medical workers with Britain's beloved National Health Service were struggling to get tested.

It remains unclear what the priorities are for distributing tests for the corona virus. Either it is clear, the explanation is unclear, or the authorities are trying to keep that explanation unclear.

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